Review: Channel Orange (2012) – Best Album of 2012


channel ORANGE

Ocean made headlines when he revealed on his Tumblr that his first love had been a man and then he debuted in R&B music world with an album, Channel Orange. And dear lord, what an album it was!
Ocean is not afraid to think out of the box while creating an album, he adopts instrumentation choices outside the R&B realm, dabbles with layouts of the songs and yeah most importantly presents questions in front of the audience that has nothing to do with sex. Nothing I mean absolutely nothing about Ocean‘s musical and lyrical choices is conventional!

With “Thinkin Bout You” Ocean tells about his first love, it’s a love anthem and then he speaks about a meditation on sex, pregnancy and childhood dreams with “Sierra Leone” and then he unravels the lavish realities with “Sweet Life” and the negative aspect of being rich with “Super Rich Kids”.. You get to immerse your soul in these brutal honest songs and then comes “Pyramids”.

How else to explain “Pyramids”, a 10-minute time warp that goes from ancient Egyptian wonders to modern strip clubs and essentially reincarnates one of the most storied female rulers in history as a six-inch-heeled woman of the night. Brazenly episodic, shifting from the hallucinatory ambience to a synthesised funk to slow-jam R&B to a sprawling, vaguely Pink Floyd-like guitar solo, it sounded remarkably audacious.

Then comes a poisoned relationship between a dealer and his mule on “Lost”, crippled by love and left searching for life’s answers in the back of a cab on “Bad Religion”. I mean every song is beautifully crafted and wonderful!

This 24-year-old kid has quickly proven himself to be among the most gifted singer-songwriters of his generation; he’s got the type of voice, wit, charm, and the ineffable humanity that’s always hoped for, but never promised. Frank Ocean who is leading Grammy’s with 6 nominations should get the album of the year award (strictly IMHO). I think the so lost pure R&B of Marvin Gaye’s era in this pop era is back with a bang! 9.5/10


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