About Me

Hi, my name is Ajinkya, I’m from Kalyan, Mumbai. I am doing B.E. in Mechanical Engineering.Learning new things fascinates me to no end and the thirst for knowledge is one of the most important things that drive me in my life. I have to constantly feed something to my brain else I feel like I’m rusting. I’m a lost soul in a fishball and even after many years haven’t found the purpose of my life yet.

I have my opinions which like every other person try to convince other people to adapt with them and this blog is just another way of doing this thing. I am a critic at the core and films, music, literature, politics, culture, sports and technology are the medium I try to convey my opinions.
Philosophical, sadistic, dystopian, nihilistic literature/movies/music are my interests and with which I tend to remain most acquainted. But that doesn’t mean I don’t relish spiritual and inspirational work.
Contrary to the most of the people’s impression about me I’m versatile, people who actually know me would tell you. I am a critical thinker whenever I get into some arguments I always try to think rational and may be that’s why some people might misunderstand me for being mean. I want to explore everything happening around me. I have that instant urge to compare things to each other and sometimes I wish I had not have this attitude. I wish to savour the nature, the life like a 5 year old kid playing with his new remote controlled car!
I am not really that friendly in nature, I usually don’t tend to start a conversation especially with strangers still I like talking to people and if one is interesting enough I am unable to stop. I am basically very calm and reticent.
Well that’s enough of me and if you find me interesting enough just add me on any social networking site.


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